We are recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of a whole range of carton sealing tapes, specially tapes and adhesive line products.

Our product line include packaging tapes, self-adhesive tapes, electrical tapes, protective tapes, printed tapes, paper backing tapes; industrial tapes and many more.

M-ONE brand products lead the market in quality and technical performance. Our trustworthy service network is at the heart of our operations.

We are able to produce tapes of various sizes between the width of 5mm - 1250mm and length of 5m - 1000m.

BOPP Lamination Film
PE Warning Tape
Paper Gum Tape
Floor Marking Tape
- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow & Balck
Cloth Tape
- Black, White, Red, Yellow,
Blue, Green, Beige, Silver
PVC Bakery Tape
- Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
Vegetable Tape
Cellulose Tape
- 33Y
Cellulose Tape
- 35M
Cellulose Tape
- 45M
Stationery Tape
Sold Tape
Teflon Tape
Cross Line Filament Tape
Filament Tape
Opp Tape
- 12MM, 18MM, 24MM
Opp Tape Brown
- 45Mic
Opp Tape Transparent
- 45Mic
Opp Tape Transparent
- 50Mic
Opp Tape Transparent
- 55Mic, 60Mic
PVC Black Tape
Aluminium Foil Tape
Masking Tape General Purpose (M-one 36)
Car Spraying
Masking Tape High Temp (M-one 39)
Double Side EVA Foam Tape
- Black with yellow paper,
White with white paper,
Black with white paper
PE Double Sided Foam Tape
Arylic Foam Tape
- Transparent with red liner, Grey with red liner
Mercury Tape
- Silver, Gold
Kapton Tape
PE Protection Tape
Double Sided Tissue Hotmelt
Double Sided Tissue Solvent
Double Sided Tissue Polyester
Security Tape
Wire Tape